The Fourth City - Ingrid van den Boogaard

THE FOURTH CITY Live Cinema performance. Composing, adapting and mixing content live gives the viewer the opportunity to experience different levels of living in an ever changing metropolis. To enter the unconsciousness of the Fourth City and explore new, sometimes disturbing visions.


2004. Live cinema icw Pieter Verhees (media performer) and Marcus Peters (photographer). Live composing, adapting and mixing of photography, video, drawings, texts, sound and music. Screen projection. Aspect ratio: 16:9. Language: Dutch, German. No subtitles. Duration: variable.

Videos and photographs used in this project were made in Berlin, Germany.

Commissioned by

ReSort off /Poon

Selected performances

Montevideo/Time Based Arts Amsterdam - WORM Rotterdam - LUX Architecture Night Nijmegen 

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