7 KEYS is an art project in public space commissioned by BrabantWonen (Housing Corporation) and the Municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. It contains objects, secondary images, a website and a series of 400 hand made ceramic key rings.

The art project contains 7 big objects: 7 abstract keys. These mostly ceramic objects are spread throughout the district as colourful reminders of the stories that connect the people living here.

Based on flowers that used to grow here, bridges that played an important part during the French occupation in the 18th century and pastor Barten, who played a key role in the social development of the neighborhood, these objects took shape.

7 secondary images: Each object has its own secondary image. These intangible images expose another level of the story of the object and are at the same time independent works of art. It can be a specially produced smell, ringtones made by a composer or an animated movie made in cooperation with the children from the district school.

The interactive website contains stories, photos, information and give people the opportunity to connect.

400 hand made small ceramic objects can be used as a key ring. These key rings each contain a unique login code for each occupant to login at the website.


2007-2011. Site-specific collection of art works, objects, performances, videos, sound art etc. Realized in cooperation with artists Simone van Bakel and Ivonne van der Velden. With contributions of ao: Jeroen Thijssen [writer] and Dyane Donck [composer]. Preliminary phase took place icw CCC [City Change Club]. Location: Hinthamerpoort district, 's-Hertogenbosch NL.

Commissioned by

BrabantWonen (Housing Corporation) and the Municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch NL.


CCC (City Change Club) and Janus (Joint Architectural Network for Urban Synergy).

Photos: Simone van Bakel

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